Nicole Pfaller-Sadovsky, PhD

Über mich

meine Ausbildung

  • PhD in Biological Sciences (Verhaltensanalyse & -biologie), School of Biological Sciences, Queen's University Belfast (UK)
  • Master of Science with Distinction in Applied Behaviour Analysis an der Queen's University Belfast (UK) - MSc
  • First Class Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science In Applied Animal Behaviour - BSc (Hons)
  • Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor - CBATI
  • Studium der Biologie (Ökologie) an der Universität Salzburg

weitere Qualifikationen und Tätigkeiten

absolvierte Hundeprüfungen

  • Begleithundeprüfungen (BGH)
  • Working Tests
    • Klassen E, L, M und S
  • Cupsieger Working Test
    • Rasse Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 2006


  • Mitglied Association for Force Free Pet Professionals - The Pet Professional Guild
  • Professional Premium Member Association of Professional Dog Trainers USA (Membership Number 783239)

Private Homepage

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laufende Fortbildungen

Internationale Konferenzen

  • The Organization for Reinforcement Contingencies with Animals (ORCA) 9th Annual Art and Science of Animal Training Conference, University of North Texas, Denton, TX - Dr. Susan Friedman, Steve White, Alexandra Kurland, Dr. Paul Andronis, Dr. Peter Killeen, Emily Larlham, Barbara Heidenreich, Karen Pryor, Ken Ramirez and Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, 2017
  • WOOF! 2017: The European Training and Behaviour Conference, University of Nottingham, UK - Dr. Susan Friedman, Dr. Susan Schneider, Bob Bailey, Dr. Clive Wynne, Chirag Patel, Theresa McKeon, Kay Lawrence, Sarah Whitehead, Alexandra Kurland, 2017
  • Canine Science Forum 2014, University of Lincoln (UK) - Julie Hecht, MSc, Mia Cobb, BSc(Hons), Prof. Clive Wynne, Monique Urdell, PhD, Dr. Adam Miklosi, Helen Zulch, BVSc(Hons), etc.
  • WOOF! 2013: The European Training and Behaviour Conference, Milton Keynes (UK) - Dr. Susan Friedman, Prof. Daniel Mills, Helen Zulch BVSc, Sarah Kalnajs BA, Sarah Whitehead BSc MSc, Theresa McKeon, Kelly Gorman Dunbar, Grisha Stewart MA, Kay Laurence, Hannah Wright PhD, Karen Wild BA, 2013
  • The Organization for Reinforcement Contingencies with Animals (ORCA) 5th Annual Art and Science of Animal Training Conference, University of North Texas, Denton, TX - Dr. Susan Schneider, Bob Bailey, Phung Luu, Steve White, Alexandra Kurland, Kay Laurence, Ken Ramirez and Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, 2013
  • ClickerExpo 2012 Portland, OR (USA) - Karen Pryor, Kathy Sdao, Julie Shaw, Debbie Martin, Ken Ramirez, Jesus Rosalez-Ruiz, Kay Lawrence, etc., 2012
  • X. Internationales Hundesymposium (GER) - Karen Pryor, Turid Rugaas, Clarissa von Reinhardt, Dr. Michael Lehner, Sabine Harrer, Anke Domberg, Dr. Veronika Größl, Christina Sondermann, 2011
  • APBC Conference "Aggression - it's an emotional thing" (UK) - David Appleby, Gwen Bailey, Sarah Heath, Claire Hargrave, Dr. Carri Westgarth, Dr. Anne McBride, Julie Bedford, David Ryan & Mat Ward, 2010
  • Companion Animal Behaviour Therapy Study Group Study Day "The Human Dimension in Training & Managing Companion Animal Behviour Problems" (UK) - Juliet Penaliggon, Lucy Brett, Jessica Hardiman, Tracey E. Ward, Claire Corridan, Francesca Riccomini, Helen Zulch, Dr. Sue Dawson, 2009
  • ÖGV Trainerfortbildungstagung, VetMed Wien - Clarissa von Reinhardt, Mag. Brigid Weinzinger, Dipl.Tzt. Katharina Kronsteiner, 2007
  • ÖGV Trainerfortbildung, VetMed Wien - Dr. Renate Jones-Baade MSc, Mag. Brigid Weinzinger, Katharina Aberle, 2006



  • WOOF! 2017 (3tägig): The European Training and Behaviour Conference (3tägig), University of Nottingham, UK
    • Dr. Susan Friedman
    • Dr. Susan Schneider
    • Bob Bailey
    • Dr. Clive Wynne
    • Chirag Patel
    • Theresa McKeon
    • Kay Lawrence
    • Sarah Whitehead
    • Alexandra Kurland
  • Teaching Animals (4tägig) - Dr. Susan G. Friedman, Ken Ramirez, Helen Phillips, Mai 2016
    • The Technology of Behavior Change and It’s Ethical Application - Dr. Susan Friedman
    • Reducing Problem Behavior with Positive Reinforcement: The Non-moronic Oxymoron! - Dr. Susan Friedman
    • Reinforcement Strategies - Ken Ramirez
    • Concept Training, Social Animals - Ken Ramirez
    • Measuring the Effect of Stimuli and its use in Control Training of the Working Gundog - Helen Phillips
    • Practical Application of Control Training for the Working Gundog - Helen Phillips
    • Effective Communication Skills: Harder Than the Hardest Thing You’ve Ever Done - Dr. Susan Friedman
    • Training Skills - Ken Ramirez
  • Portable Operant Research and Teaching Lab (PORTL) (2tägig) - Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Mary Hunter MSc, St.Louis, MO, USA, Juni 2015
  • Training with our head and heart (2tägig) - Chirag Patel, PGCert(CAB) BSc(Hons), Stockerau, Oktober 2014
  • Clicker Gundog Workshop (2tägig) - Helen Phillips CAP 3 (UK), Puchberg am Schneeberg, September 2014
  • Canine Science Forum 2014 (5tägig), University of Lincoln, UK - Kurzer Auszug der Vortragenden
    • From the woods to home: what wolves tell us about dog behaviour  - Benjamin L. Hart, DVM, PhD
    • Early development of human point following in wolf pups - Monique A.R. Udell, PhD
    • Controversies in canine science: dog domestication - Malgorzata Pilot, PhD
    • The perception of human faces by dogs: perceptual and cognitive adaptations - Dr. Ludwig Huber
    • Comparative cognition of dogs and wolves - What makes a dog a dog? - Prof. Clive Wynne
    • Brain scanning and mis-scanning: do you neet to scan your dog to find out that he loves you? - Dr. Adam Miklosi
    • Reinforcement effects upon interspecific communication in domestic dogs. What do we know so far? Mariana Bentosela, PhD
    • Feature salience in a discrimination task - Helen Zulch, BVSc(Hons)
    • Diversity, sociality and success in the wonderfully adaptable Canidae - Dr. Claudio Sillero
    • Categories and consequences of dog-human play: a citizen science approach - Julie Hecht, MSc
    • Canine stress physiology and coping styles in kennels - Mia Cobb, BSc(Hons)
    • Empathy and recognition of dogs' (Canis familiaris) emotions: a pilot study on vets - Dr. Emanuela Prato-Previde
    • To what extent does hybrid vigour exist in dogs? - Paul McGreevy, DVM
    • Analysis of calming signals in domestic dogs: are they signals and are they calming? - Chiara Mariti, DVM, PhD
    • The use and abuse of electronic training aids: can the use of electronic training aids be justified in pets? - Prof. Jonathan Cooper
       And many more!
  • Living And Learning With Animals (3tägig) - Dr. Susan G. Friedman, Puchberg am Schneeberg, Juni 2014
  • Operant Conditioning, Cueing, Classical Conditioning & Husbandry Training for Pets (3tägig) - Kathy Sdao, MA ACAAB, Groß Enzersdof, 2013
  • 1. Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) Seminar in Österreich (2tägig), Assisstenin von Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA
  • WOOF! 2013 (3tägig): The European Training and Behaviour Conference (3tägig), Milton Keynes, UK
    • The TAG Point is... - Theresa McKeon
    • What's Sirius Doing Now? - Kelly Gorman Dunbar
    • Beyond Puppy Handling - Chirag Patel BVSc
    • Puppy Play - Grisha Stewart MA
    • Blind And Deaf Dogs - Sarah Kalnajs BA
    • TAGteach Practical Examples - Theresa McKeon
    • Life Skills for Puppies - Helen Zulch BVSc
    • What's the Science Saying - Prof. Daniel Mills
    • Behaviour Modification, Considering Emotions - Prof. Daniel Mills
    • Applied Behaviour Analysis - Dr. Susan Friedman
    • Aggression and BAT - Grisha Stewart MA
    • Living Life in the Doghouse - Sara Kalnajs BA
    • Walking Together - Kay Laurence
    • Teen Spirit - Why adolescent dogs are in a league of their own - Sarah Whitehead BSc MSc
    • Dogs to Dolphins - Chirag Patel BVSc
    • Stooge Dogs - Hannah Wright PhD
    • Practical People Skills - Karen Wild BA
    • Scent Work - Kelly Gorman Dunbar
  • Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) Instructor's Course Full Participant (5tägig) - Grisha Strewart (USA),Braga, Portugal, 2013
  • Intensive 5-day seminar on dog behavior and training with Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA
    • Theorie und praktische Arbeit in Gruppen mit reaktiven Hunden
  • The 5th Annual Art and Science of Animal Training Conference by ORCA, Denton, TX (USA), 2013
    • The Science of Consequences: What we Share with Animals and Why it Matters - Dr. Susan Schneider
    • What Did Bailey Do & Why: A Training Potpourri - Bob Bailey
    • Successful Bird Training Phase One: Understanding Body Language - Phung Luu
    • Plateau Schmateau! Why Progress Matters - Steve White
    • Clicker Training Clever Hans: The Balance Loop - Alexandra Kurland
    • Drive & Motivation: Do We Build It or Loose It? - Kay Laurence
    • Training When You're Not Training - Ken Ramirez
  • Aggressionsverhalten von Hunden, Gefahrenprävention und -abwehr inkl. Handlingmaßnahmen in Theorie und Praxis - Dr. Esther Schalke, Schwechat, Österreich, 2012
  • Advanced Training Concepts (3tägig) - Ken Ramirez (USA), München, Deutschland, 2012
  • ClickerExpo 2012 Portland, OR (USA), (4tägig)
    • Positively solved! - Tia Guest & Debbie Martin VTS
    • The World of Targets - Kay Laurence
    • The Right Touch - The positive use of direct contact training tools - Michele Pouliot
    • Aggression Treatment and Context - Ken Ramirez
    • Smart Reinforcement - Ken Ramirez
    • Behavior Chains: Scientifically Explored - Jesus Rosalez-Ruiz
    • Counter-Act! Counter-conditioning & desensitization in the treatment of dog aggression
    • Inside the Behavior Clinic - Julie Shaw VTS & Debbie Martin VTS
  • So Many Choices: A Workshop for Trainers and Dogs (3tägig) - Kathy Sdao MA, ACAAB (USA), München, Deutschland, 2011
  • X. Internationales Hundesymposium (2tägig), Bernau, Deutschland, 2011
    • Kastration und Sterilisation beim Hund - Clarissa von Reinhardt & Dr. Michael Lehner, 2011
    • Wunderbare, weis(s)e Schnauzen - Clarissa von Reinhardt, 2011
    • Die Ausbildung von Diabetikerwarnhunden - Dr. Veronika Größl, 2011
    • Verändere die Welt... ein Klick zur rechten Zeit - Karen Pryor, 2011
    • Physiotherapie bei Hunden - Sabine Harrer, 2011
    • Ein erfülltes Hundeleben Teil 1 - Turid Rugaas, 2011
    • Ein erfülltes Hundeleben Teil 2 - Turid Rugaas, 2011
    • Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin für Hunde - Anke Domberg, 2011
    • Die Neurowissenchaft des Klicker Trainings - Karen Pryor, 2011
    • Spieltherapie für Sorgenhunde - Christina Sondermann, 2011
  • Lerntheorie - wie lernt ein Hund? und Stress beim Hund - Dr. Renate Jones-Baade MSc, 2011
  • Cynopraxis: A Paradigm Shift in Dog Training - Steven R. Lindsay, M.A. (USA), 2010
  • The Mexico City Dump Dogs - Prof. Ray Coppinger (USA), 2010
  • The effects of puppy aggression - Gwen Bailey, 2010
  • Ferocious feline or misunderstood moggie? - Sarah Heath, 2010
  • Aggressive pets - Claire Hargrave, 2010
  • Human-directed dog aggression - Dr. Carri Westgarth, 2010
  • Human emotional aspects of pet aggression - Dr. Anne McBride, 2010
  • Recognising and managing the emotional state of rescue dogs - Julie Bedford, 2010
  • Changing the emotion changes the aggression - David Ryan & Mat Ward, 2010
  • Pets are people too: Understanding how owners perceive and relate to their companion animals - Dr. Sue Dawson, 2009
  • Teaching owners to teach their pets - Helen Zulch BVSc(Hons), 2009
  • The cat owner - feline friend or foe? - Francesca Riccomini BSc(Hons), 2009
  • Human Dimension in the treatment and management of companion animal behaviour problems: No time to deal with a problem dog? - Claire L. Corridan and Human dimension in identifying and managing equine behavioural problems - Tracey E. Ward, 2009
  • The effect of altering pen dimension on the behaviour of domestic rabbits - Jessica Hardiman BSc, 2009
  • Efficacy of Dog Appeasing Pheromones in reducing stress related responses in rescue shelter dogs, Lucy Brett, 2009
  • Benefits of a novel neutraceutical Senilife in the management of early signs of brain aging in dogs and cats - Juliet Penaliggon, 2009
  • Qualzucht - Eine Herausforderung für Züchter und Tierärzte - Dr. Irene Sommerfeld-Stur, 2009
  • Animal Training - Behavior Training Seminar (2tägig) - Ted Turner & Todd Feucht, 2008
  • Stress bei Hunden - Clarissa von Reinhardt, 2007
  • Ängstliche Hunde - Mag. Brigid Weinzinger, 2007
  • Die Ernährung des Sporthundes - Katharina Kronsteiner, 2007
  • Welpen - Sozialisation - David Appleby & Dr. Esther Schalke, 2006
  • Ausdrucksverhalten - Dr. Dorit Urd Feddersen-Petersen, 2006
  • Bellverhalten - Clarissa von Reinhardt, 2006
  • Sozialverhalten - Mag. Brigid Weinzinger, 2006
  • Beschwichtigungssignale bei Hunden - Katharina Aberle, 2006

International Educational Live - Webinars

  • Animal Emotions and Resource Guarding - Dr. Nancy Reyes
  • Using chaining to Train Multiple Behaviors - Steve White
  • The Development of a Dog: A Behavior Roadmap to Adulthood -Kellyann Conway-Payne, B.A., CABC
  • Overcoming Missed Opportunities: Remedial Socialization for the Adolescent/Adult Dog - Laura Van Dyne, CPDT-KA
  • Your Marketing and Public Relations Plan: Stategies and Tactics to Promote Your Business - Stephanie Colman
  • Problem Behavior:Housetraining - Teoti Anderson, CPDT-KA
  • Relationship Between Physical and Emotional Helath in Dogs - Dr. Melissa Bain, DACVB, MS
  • Group Class Management: Methods and Techniques for the Perfect Class - Janine Pierce
  • Rally Rules & Guidelines Review - Ann Allums, Ali Brown & Laurie Williams
  • Rich With Enrichment: Tips for Reducing Stress - KatennaJones ScM, ACAAB, CABC,CPDT-KA
  • Thunderstorm Phobia - tips and tricks to help dogs cope - Helen Nicholls
  • Impulsive RehomingPhase - Postpartum and Dogs - Jennifer Shryock,B.A., CDBC
  • Using TAGteach to Increase Skill Acquisition and Motivation for your Human Clients - Theresa McKeon, B.A.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dogs - Franklin D. McMillan DVM,DACVIM
  • ASPCA SAFER - Safety Assessment for Evaluating Re-homing - Emily Weiss Ph.D.


Eigene Seminare seit 2012, beginnend mit "Herbstliche Vortragsreihe - Lerntheorie & Ausdrucksverhalten"
Laufender Besuch von Fortbildungen speziell in UK (COAPE, APBC und CABTSG) und USA (ClickerExpo, ORCA)
Teilnahme an retriever-spezifischen Dummy Trainings und Seminaren bei Sally Sanford BSc, MSc, CCAB (ab 2004), Fille Exelmans (2010), Dr. Patsy Deheyder (2009), Tineke J. Antonisse-Zijda (2004), Anke Bogaerts (2002), Helene Leimer BA (2001), uvm!
Züchterseminar des österr. Retriever Clubs (2006) und Erstzüchterseminar des österr. Retriever Clubs (2005)